Body Mass Index Calculator

Interested in our services at Horizon Weight Loss? Use our Body Mass Index Calculator and determine whether you qualify for weight loss counseling. Body mass index (or BMI) is a measurement based on your weight and height. You can use this scale to assess your weight and make appropriate lifestyle changes. BMI values do not apply to athletes, pregnant or nursing women, elderly persons, or individuals under 18.

Our BMI calculator is simple to use: just enter in your weight and height, and hit “Calculate.” If you have an index of 27 or higher, you will likely qualify for our services. We may also accept patients with a BMI of 26-25 with certain medical conditions.

Those who fall into the overweight or obese categories are at greater risk for health risks like type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure. Don’t take any chances with your health. Calculate your BMI, and consider our services at Horizon Weight Loss.

Use our Body Mass Index Calculator to See If You Qualify For Our Services